I had the opportunity to take photos at a karate graduation ceremony and here is one of the little guys that went up in belt colors.  Congrats!!!

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Brrr… was it cold out!  We had this shoot scheduled for the day before, but the snow was falling pretty hard so we decided to move it to the following day.  Although the sun was up… the temps were freezing.  Thank you Cinthia (and family) for allowing me to capture your smiles.  I hope you love them!0227-1-int 0231-1-int 0212bw-int 0206-2-int 0192-1-int 0174-1-int 0171bw-int 0147-2-int 0127-2-int

I usually see this young man with a helmet on, so it was nice to finally see him in regular clothes.  He was up for anything I threw at him and he is growing to be such a handsome boy.  Enjoy your sneak peak.

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Look at these sweet kiddos!!!  Just 10 days old little “M” was not about to let me take her photos.  I beleive I was there for 3 hours or so and really was not able to get a ton of photos.  She just wanted mom and after I left… she took a looooong nap.  Babies are so unpredictable but what I did get are super cute!  Thank you so much “L” family for letting me take your newborn photos for you little girl!4570-1bw-int 4573-2-int 4564-1-int 4553-1-int 4548-1bw2-int 4538-1-int 4528-1-int 4514-1-int 4496-1bw-int

Senior Boy…

Look at these shots!!!  “C” was into baseball so we were able to apture him with what he loved to do.  We went to the field that he plays ball on.  His mom was not sure it would work out but they love them and so do I.  Most of the boys I have photographed did not enjoy the exprience but “C” had fun with it and was willing to try new things.


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Just Stunning…

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful senior.  Once I started taking her photos they tell me that they are a picky family.  Great… no pressure, right!  None at all!  LOL.  Well I fell in love with this session, full of color and a gorgeous girl!2337-1-int 2485-1-int 2459bw-int 2459-1-int 2457-1-int 2485-1-int 2447-1-int 2443bw-int 2431-1-int 2398-1-int 2343-1-int 2340-1-int 2320-1-int 2313-1-int 2302-1-int 2283bw-int 2282-1bw-int 2302-1-int 2276-1-int 2269-1-int 2255-1-int 2253-1-int 2217-1-int 2216-1-int 2212-1-int

Boots and Barn…

I always love seeing this family grow.  And little miss is growing to be such a beautiful young lady… just like her mom.  They decided to change it up this year and wear their western stuff… I love it!

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